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Dated: 04/05/2018

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My Sister the photographer. @kpmomof6 on Instagram

It’s Spring! 

I hope you have had time to enjoy all the beautiful Texas Wildflowers! My sister (photographer and mom of 6, grandma of 5, Instagram name @kpmomof6) and I took a day to drive around the New Braunfels area to photograph fields of bluebonnets and other wildflowers. If you are new to Texas, you might not know that you can plant wildflowers to grow in your own yard. You may not want to do this in a subdivision with small lots (the HOA may not take kindly to your "weeds"). However, if your home is on acreage or in a location with no HOA, scatter those seeds and enjoy the outcome!

Bill and I have been working in our yard to make it more attractive and colorful. I'd love to attract some butterflies and hummingbirds for more picture taking opportunities. Even though this ridiculous high oak pollen is killing us, we're out there working in between showing homes, going to closings, inspections, and helping our clients.

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In addition to flowers and new grass, we are also planning to plant an herb garden. Now....to keep Sadie from undoing all the hard work. #notasinnocentasshelooks Image title

The following is a list and description of some commonly used, adapted herbs for this area:

  • BASIL – This is one of the easiest of all herbs to grow. It is a rather strong herb, but one that is delightful when chopped fine and mixed with butter. In addition to the standard green forms, there’s a purple-leafed basil and a lemon-scented basil. Basil is quite tender so at the first sign of frost you can expect to lose it.

  • CAMOMILE – This herb makes one of the best of all herbal teas. There are two varieties. English and German camomile. The dried blossoms of either can be used to make tea. You’ll need to experiment with the amount you want to use, but try pouring boiling water over about one tablespoon for each cup desired and then filter this through a tea strainer after it has steeped for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • CATNIP – Is an interesting herb to grow, especially if you have cats. The cats like to roll all over the catnip as well as any surrounding plants, so you’ll probably find it’s best to grow this herb in a hanging basket. Although it is sometimes used to make a hot tea, catnip’s main attribute seems to be known only by cats.

  • COMFREY – Comfrey is a rank-growing herb with large “donkey-ear” leaves that remind one of green sandpaper. It has been promoted as being high in protein and an excellent foodstuff, but unfortunately, it’s hard to find a suitable way to eat it. It is widely used as a tea made either from the leaves or from the roots.

  • LEMON BALM – Is a member of the mint family and it can be a very rank growing plant. The leaves have a strong lemon odor and make a delightful tea or they can be used to flavor regular teas. Because of its extreme vigor, it’s probably best to grow this plant in a confined bed area or in containers.

  • MARJORAM and OREGANO – These herbs are quite similar, although marjoram is considered the milder of the two. They’re both easy to grow and can be used year round. Except in an extreme winter, they look better in the fall and winter than in mid-summer when the growth begins to slow. Oregano is the familiar herb in pizzas and one plant would make a lot of pizzas.

  • MINTS – There are many mints. Spearmint is one of the most popular and the easiest to grow. Peppermint is more difficult to grow. There’s a pineapple mint, an apple mint, an orange mint (this is so vigorous it soon becomes a weed) and many variations of these basic fragrances. All mints appreciate moisture and do best where they get afternoon shade. A good place to plant spearmint is at the base of a downspout.

  • ROSEMARY – Rosemary comes in many forms from a bush that grows up to four feet tall to a low-growing groundcover variety. The fragrance is rather strong but rosemary is typically used with many meat dishes, especially chicken. One good idea is to use a cut sprig of rosemary to dip into barbecue sauce and then brush it on chicken.


From the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas A&M System The term Aggie Horticulture® and associated logos are registered trademarks of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas A&M System.

*Spring is a perfect time to get your home ready to sell! There are so many buyers out there and there are not enough homes to purchase. This seller's market is perfect for you! Bill and I will run a free market analysis to give you an idea of what you can sell your home for. Contact us to find out all we do to get your home sold quickly and priced right! *Of course, if you just bought or sold a home with us, we aren't suggesting you sell your home quite yet! :)

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Spring Garden

It’s Spring! I hope you have had time to enjoy all the beautiful Texas Wildflowers! My sister (photographer and mom of 6, grandma of 5, Instagram name @kpmomof6) and I took a day to

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